Our Mission

We support the digital transformation of commercial processes,
and provide tailored data solutions – based on advanced AI technology and Analytics


Our Scope

Scraping the web adds a universe of additional hints about customer insights.

We bring together the best of two worlds into “Social CRM” - advanced AI solutions lead to marketing & sales recommendations beyond extrapolation or intuition. Furthermore, advanced text and image recognition tools offer a new approach to customer service., e.g., in handling FAQs or complaints.



Our Capabilities and Platforms

With our four technological platforms, we can run a variety of customized analytical use cases:


Social Media Scanner

Screen every social post related to offered products and services, gaining real-time customer insights, better marketing efficiency, and thus a competitive edge.

Text Recognition
& Categorization

Automatically read and respond to omnichannel customer comments: See our "Valculus Automated Customer Relations" product materials in "Services" tab

Commercial Analytics

Move own data into platform to identify patterns and build respective business cases, e.g. understand why a service sells better in a certain setting.

Computer Vision

Use Computer Vision to map customer behaviors, and extract valuable patterns to boost sales.





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